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A couple of days in Hamar, Norway

I’ve just spent the last couple of days in Hamar, a city that I’ve passed through (or near) many times but never more than that. I’ve been on my own, and while there’s something special about exploring a new place all alone, to me it doesn’t necessarily make for the best experience; I don’t enjoy going out to eat by myself, so most meals are brought to my hotel room in a paper bag or cardboard box. I also get bored when there’s no one to talk to, and let’s just say that Norway isn’t really known to be a country where we just strike up a conversation with random strangers (Yes, it’s a stereotype, but it doesn’t come from nowhere…)

However, i did explore a little bit. I took a long walk one day, just to get acquainted with the central streets. I figured that it was a smart thing to do, as I have to be there every now and then for the next year or two. 

Mini-review of the hotel I stayed at, in case anyone is interested:

I stayed at First Hotel Victoria, located a 1-2 minute walk from the train station, in a “moderate single room”, the cheapest alternative. It really was moderate. I could barely find a spot for my bag without it being in the way, as the room was so small. No desk, no closet, no chair. But the design was nice, the bed was comfy and the bathroom was OK. 

Breakfast and Wi-Fi is free. At 8, the breakfast room was so crowded it was difficult to find a place to sit, and the buffet area was kinda chaotic. The Wi-Fi was decent but a bit unstable. Front desk staff was really nice, though!

Ok, that’s pretty much all I have to say. So I’ll just end this with a few photos from the trip. 

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