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Top 5 travel TV shows

When I can’t go anywhere myself, I like to watch people travel on TV. Whether it’s for entertainment or educational purposes, there are a lot of interesting travel related TV shows. Here are the five shows I enjoy the most:

5. Locked up abroad

This is sort of guilty pleasure material to me, but I feel that the fact that it’s on Nat Geo  somehow makes it less guilty – it is a pretty serious channel, after all, and so is the actual show. Honestly, though, I am fascinated by this show. It can be dramatic, shocking, and often provoking. Besides, I love hearing the stories of other people – both of good times and bad.

4. The Amazing Race

While competitive reality TV is not exactly my favorite genre, I don’t really mind watching The Amazing Race.  The race part makes it exciting, and one might learn a thing or two from the tasks and the clues. It might also be good for inspiration. They go to a lot of different places, and who’s to say those places can’t be new additions to the viewers’ wish lists?

3. The Layover

You have a day or two in a city. What do you do? This show helps you find out. I think this concept is really interesting. Unfortunately, this show only ran for two short seasons between November 2011 and February 2013.

2. Man v. Food

Tasting the local cuisine is a big part of travel for a lot of people, including me. Obviously, food is the focus of this show. I really like the concept of trying to beat various crazy food challenges – although it’s not something I would even think about trying myself.  It is fun to watch, and might be of help in finding cool places to eat. Would’ve been even more awesome if there was an international version, though.

1. Globe Trekker

Ok, this one is practically a given. It’s the first thing I think about whenever I hear the words “travel documentary”. I like it for its educational abilities and the massive list of destinations, as well as the great hosts.

What are your favorite travel shows?

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