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Memories of Spain

I think Spain is a very beautiful country. I’ve been a few times, and have never not liked it. Unfortunately, I can’t remember everything, and definitely not enough to go very much into detail. So here are some general thoughts about the different places I’ve been so far.

(In addition to these places, I’ve also been to San Javier & Alicante, but it’s a long time ago and I can’t remember much at all. Therefore, I will omit them)

Puerto Rico, Gran Canaria
I’ve been to Gran Canaria three times that I know of, but I can only remember two of them as I was very, very young the first time. Most of the time was spent in Puerto Rico, so this part will be based on that. This is a place that kinda fascinates me – I don’t really know how else to describe it. It’s full of Scandinavians. Really, really full.  I was actually asked to order in Norwegian at a restaurant once, because the very local-looking waiter was more comfortable with Norwegian than English. The shopping center right by the beach is, well, interesting. Lots of restaurants, bars and the kind of stores you’d expect to find in a typical European beach destination. With some research it’s easy to find activities for when you want to actually do something, such as miniature golf or go-karts.

File 28-03-2017, 21 33 20
From hotel room balcony. Not sure if sunset or sunrise, but it was beautiful.


Alcudia, Mallorca
I loved Alcudia. The only thing was that it’s almost too kid friendlyI mean, it’s good that places that are perfect for family vacations exist, but for twenty-somethings wanting to have a twenty-somethings vacay, it might not be the number one choice. That being said, I wouldn’t mind going there again sometime. The old town is beautiful, the beach promenade (and the beach itself) is very nice, and if you rent a car you can drive around and see some lovely sights.

From a drive in Alcudia

Also, it’s not too far to go to Palma for a day trip, if you just want some city vibes.

Pineda de Mar
Pineda de Mar is a relatively quiet place. In the central area they have some restaurants, bars and a little shopping street, from what I can remember. While I can’t say it was an extremely exciting destination, it is kinda special to me. This is where my husband proposed to me almost seven years ago. Also, it was easy to get to some of the nearby, more lively towns such as Lloret de mar and Calella – and we also took a day trip to Barcelona, it’s just a little more than an hour away by train. So there was no need to be stuck where it seemed like nothing really happened.

Blurry morning view from hotel room balcony



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