Las Vegas, August 2016 – Part 1

I already did a post on Las Vegas, but that was more a compilation of experiences and observations from our four trips there. This is the first part of a trip report from the most recent one. Part 2 will come sometime tomorrow. I hope you enjoy!

Day 1:

So, Aug. 24, 2016, we hopped on a UA plane from Oslo Airport.  The first leg was OSL – EWR, and it went pretty smoothly. It’s long, but bearable. At least there was something pretty to look at on the way.

2016-08-24 15.47.42-1
Greenland from the sky


Unfortunately, the connection turned out to be a stressful one. We did arrive on time, and the time we had should have been enough. There was just one tiny problem. You know when you have to stand in line and you choose the line that seems to be moving the fastest, but in reality turns out to be very, very slow? That was us in immigration.  It felt like we waited for an eternity. When we finally got through, we picked up our bags and re-checked them. Aaaand, guess what? there was a really long line for security, too. At this point, I was almost sure we weren’t going to make it, while hubby was keeping his cool as always and told me it would be OK. We did make it, thanks to a helpful man with one of those airport buggies.

After a few more hours in the “friendly skies”, we finally arrived late in the afternoon.  Picked up our bags, went outside to get a taxi. While we waited, we got to check out the temperature as well. We had both been kinda anxious about that, as neither of us handle heat that well and Vegas can get crazy hot during the summer months. It didn’t feel too bad, but we were standing in the shadow and it was late afternoon, so we couldn’t know for sure.

So, we got in a taxi and went straight to the Flamingo, where we would be staying for the week. Another long line at check-in – not a great day for the impatient. At least the guy behind the counter was really nice, so by the time we were checked in, the long wait was almost forgotten. Almost.

Got a nice room on the 17th floor with a decent view – I really love their GO rooms, I just can’t say that enough.

Taken with NightCap Pro
Our view from our Flamingo GO Room: The Cromwell, Bellagio, Bally’s, Grand Bazaar Shops and The Cosmopolitan.

We did our usual “day of arrival” routine. Shower, get ready to go out, get some food and maybe a drink hang out in the casino for a while, and take a step outside to “smell” vegas.

2016-08-24 23.08.55
Mandatory “we’ve safely arrived” snap from the Flamingo garden.

After a long day of travel and waiting in lines we were pretty beat, so we called it an early night.


Day 2:

The first full day is always kinda weird when traveling “back in time”. We woke up crazy early, and headed down to the casino floor to find some breakfast. Turns out, a lot of things are closed in the early a.m., so we only had one option. Pizza. The Pizza Joint. They have really good pizza, actually. However, it’s  very greasy, and way too heavy for breakfast IMO. Also, if you order a slice, you actually get two. Took us two days to figure that out.

2016-08-25 05.34.56
Sausage & Pepperoni pizza from The Pizza Joint at the Flamingo

After we ate, we decided to go to the CVS drugstore outside Bally’s to pick up some water, sunscreen, shampoo and other necessities we’d rather buy than pack. Then we went back to our room to get ready for the day to actually start.

We had no specific plan for the day, so we decided to go over to Paris, as that was one of the casinos we hadn’t visited before. We did a nice little walkthrough, before having lunch at the Bally’s food court, and then some froyo. Played some slot machines on the way out, and went to check out the Grand Bazaar Shops for a little while. We were really feeling the heat this day, so we decided to stay inside for a good while, and then there wasn’t really much time left before we were going to eat dinner.

We were going to eat at Cravings buffet at The Mirage. It is our favorite buffet, so we make sure go there every time we’re in town. We got nice and full (like always), and decided to hang around in the casino for a while. The house won, of course, so we went back to the Flamingo and played there for the rest of the night.

Day 3:

Of course, we hadn’t gotten accustomed to the time zone yet, and woke up even earlier than the day before. So we had another pizza breakfast. We were also renting a car that day, and had a few hours to kill before we could go pick it up. We spent some time in the casino, before deciding to go explore Bellagio, as we’d only been inside there briefly once before. We walked around for a while, and ended up in the Conservatory where there was an underwater themed display at the time.

2016-08-26 08.54.55
The Bellagio Conservatory

After this, we moved on to Planet Hollywood where we just played a little bit, and then went to see if we could get some reasonably priced tickets for Britney Spears. We could not. Too bad, because I really wanted to go – it’s a nostalgia thing, I guess. Anyway, we took a quick walk through the Miracle Mile Shops, before going back to the Flamingo. As the car was still not ready for pick-up, we decided to kill some more time in the Flamingo wildlife habitat.

2016-08-26 06.25.34
Flamingos in the Wildlife Habitat

Then, we could finally pick up the car. Our plan was to go shopping, so we did. We spent a few hours doing that, and then stopped by Rio just to check it out and also purchase tickets for Rock of Ages for another day.

Tired from being on our feet all day long, we retreated to our room to relax and get ready for dinner. We went to the Spice Market Buffet at Planet Hollywood, where we bought 24hr buffet passes that can be used for unlimited buffet meals at most Caesar’s Entertainment properties (Planet Hollywood, Flamingo, Bally’s, Paris, Harrah’s. Caesar’s Palace and Rio charge extra.) in a 24 hour period.

After dinner, we played for a while at Planet Hollywood, before starting to walk back towards Flamingo. I had to make a quick stop at Sephora. It was not a quick stop. It never is…

Nothing much happened after this, so we just strolled back to the Flamingo while people watching.

To be continued….

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