Rome 2014 – Pizza, walking, and a closed fountain

Thanks to the current travel dry spell I’m in, and the fact that I don’t have much else to share at the moment either, there isn’t much activity around here these days. So while I wait for more things to write about, I thought I’d share what I can remember from my September 2014 girl’s trip to Rome. It was a fairly short trip as we had two nights and two full days, so there wasn’t much time to just sit around. And that’s great, because I like it that way.

We arrived pretty early, so once we had checked in at the hotel and gotten changed out of our travel clothes we immediately headed out. We stayed at Hotel Genio. It’s a nice, classic style hotel, with a great location. One thing I really liked about it was the rooftop terrace with a great view.

Morning view from the rooftop terrace at our hotel

The first thing we did after going out was to walk over to Piazza della Rotonda. We had something to drink at a restaurant there before entering the Pantheon.

Pantheon ceiling

After this, we walked around for a while before finding a bus stop, and jumped on a bus to the Colosseum. Before taking a closer look at that incredible building, we decided to have our first pizzas. So we sat down at a restaurant, and had high expectations for a heavenly meal. It was OK, but I’ve had better pizza, so I must admit I was a tiny bit disappointed.

We finished up, and finally it was time to really see the Colosseum. We decided not to go inside, but got a good look from the outside.


After hanging around for a while, we decided to walk back towards the hotel. We made a few stops on the way to get something to drink and look at various attractions. One of the things we really wanted to see was the Trevi Fountain. Unfortunately, it was closed for restoration at the time, so we had to walk away disappointed.

Then came the evening, and it was time to go out for dinner. We all freshened up in our rooms, and decided to meet up on the rooftop terrace. After everyone was ready, we walked over to Piazza Navona and found a restaurant there. Because the pizza I had for lunch didn’t live entirely up to my expectations , I decided to give it another go. I was glad, because that one was simply amazing.

Knowing that the next day would be long and full of sightseeing, we decided to make it an early night.

We got up for breakfast, which was on the rooftop terrace, and then got ready to go explore some more. I’m can’t remember exactly where we walked and what we did in the morning,  but eventually we ended up in the Vatican City, and spent a little time there before moving on.

From Vatican City


Lovely bridges by Vatican City

The rest of the day consisted mostly of café breaks, charming narrow streets and shopping on Via del Corso, then returning to the hotel and getting ready for dinner again.


Lovely, narrow streets
From one of the many café breaks, fantastic coffee.

That night, we found a restaurant after walking through Piazza Navona, a little further and into some more narrow streets. Another pizza, also very, very good. After dinner, we took our time to go back to the hotel and going to sleep. We were leaving the next morning, so we just got up and ready to go, no time for doing anything else.

Rome is absolutely a city I will have to go back to in the future, because my first impression was very great.



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