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Top 5 cities for a European city break

I have always liked city breaks a tiny bit more than beach vacations. Although it isn’t as physically relaxing, I find it to be more satisfying. Like I get more out of it. Being a European, I have definitely spent more time traveling in Europe than any other continent. These are five of my favorite European city destinations:

5. Barcelona, Spain

La Sagrada Familia behind some trees

I haven’t spent too much time in Barcelona, but I like what I’ve seen. Good food and fascinating architecture and history.


4. Paris, France

When I was a kid, Paris was my number one dream destination. Of course, I just wanted to go to Disneyland. It took some years, but I finally got to go a couple of times in my teen years. While Disneyland never happened, I still loved it there. Great shopping, lots of historical things to see, and oh so beautiful.


3. Riga, Latvia

Riga is great. Things like food, drinks and spa treatments are generally very cheap, and hotel rooms aren’t very expensive either, so it’s a good place to go if you want to have a great experience on a tight budget. The beautiful old town and the area around is pretty much where it all happens, and it’s fairly small. In other words, just about everywhere you “need” to go is within walking distance as long as you stay in a hotel in that area.


2. Rome, Italy

Early morning view from the rooftop terrace at our hotel

There is only one word needed to describe Rome: beautiful. It really is. Something that is also very great with this city is that, like in Riga, a lot of the most interesting things to see are very close to each other, so it’s not necessary to spend a lot of time on a bus or in a taxi. as walking will get you very far. And don’t even get me started on the food and the coffee….

1.London, England

Marble Arch in old cell phone camera quality

London was the very first city I fell head-over-heels in love with.  There is so many great things to see and do, and of course buy. I especially love Covent Garden for its charm, and Camden Town for all the cool stores with rockin’ clothes, shoes and accessories and its alternative atmosphere. Also, London is a great place to catch a musical.

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