Exploring some F2P games

Because I’m on a pretty tight budget these days, I’ve been relying heavily on the games I already have as well as the monthly free games available through PS Plus. I also add the occasional on-the-house games from Origin to my library. I haven’t found the time to try any of the Origin ones yet, because I have a laptop that is not very gaming friendly and my husband usually uses the desktop (he prefers PC while I am more of a console person, generally). The PS Plus games are hit and miss, so I often just try them once before uninstalling. This month it looks like I will keep one out of five, Titan Souls. I feel like I want to give that one a decent chance, sometime when I’m in the mood for it.

Anyway, because I end up uninstalling these games so often I feel that I have nothing to play anymore. Then, yesterday it occurred to me; I haven’t even thought about the fact that there are a few F2P games are out there, and I’m thinking that at least a few of them have to be good. So I’m going to try some of them, starting with Smite. I’m somewhat familiar with it, as my husband has been playing it a lot. Then I’ll just take it from there

Got any recommendations? Please leave a comment!

2 thoughts on “Exploring some F2P games

  1. I recently gave “paladins” a shot and it was good fun if you want some fantasy themed FPS action. I’d also recommend the excellent “portal stories Mel” which is a fanmade portal 2 mod (available through Steam for free, but requires portal 2).


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