Game remake/remaster/sequel wishes

With the Crash Bandicoot N.Sane trilogy not too far away, one of my biggest wishes are coming true. At the same time, I get all nostalgic about games from my childhood/early teens. It makes me think about other games that I would like to be able to play again (in today’s standard). It also makes me think about how it would be cool to continue some of the stories of the games by having one or more (additional) sequels.

First of all, I have to mention Tomba! and Tomba! 2. I absolutely love these games. They are challenging enough not to be too childish and easy, but not so difficult that it ends up taking me to frustration station all the time.  To me, playing both these games brings a great time. Nothing more, nothing less. Unfortunately WhoopeeCamp, the company behind the games, no longer exists. I still hope that some other company might take it upon themselves to bring the little weirdo with the pink hair back to fight evil pigs again someday. The likeliness of that happening may be a different story….But just being able to play the existing games on my PS4 would be awesome.

Also, I wish that the original Sims game would still be available, although maybe an enhanced version. It might be the aging thing and all, but I had a lot more fun playing that one than any of the others. Right now I’m mostly comparing it to The Sims 4, which is OK but still misses so many important details that it actually is the least enjoyable one of all the games IMO. In the original game (including expansion packs), there were several fun NPCs like the burglar, the obsessed fan, the clown from the ugly clown picture and so on. In The Sims 4, there’s not even anyone to come put out fires. I don’t know how many of my sims died until I realized that nobody was coming. Yes, there are some NPC’s but it’s just not the same. I also feel like the expansion packs used to be better, now they feel very limited. I could say a lot more, but you probably get the idea. At least there’s still The Sims 3, which I think is very good.

Finally, I wouldn’t be against a comeback of the old Medal of Honor games, mostly because I never got to try them a lot but would very much like to. I used to watch others play them a little, and it looked like they were really enjoying them. And now that I am more into that kind of games than I used to be, it would probably be nice. Not that I know for sure, but I like to think so.

Of course I could mention a bunch of additional games, but these are the ones I think the most about at the moment.

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